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The Book of Margery Kempe: The Autobiography of the Madwoman of God, Abundio Parra Sánchez   Translated by: Tony D. Triggs
1 Abundio Parra Sánchez Translated by: Tony D. Triggs The Book of Margery Kempe: The Autobiography of the Madwoman of God
lig 0892438258 / 9780892438259 
Paints a vivid portrait of a unique medieval mystic whose passions and vanities were turned from self-absorption to the service of her Lord.Pages: 224 pages Paperback 
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Free and Faithful: My Life in the Catholic Church, Bernard Häring
2 Bernard Häring Free and Faithful: My Life in the Catholic Church
lig 0764801848 / 9780764801846 
This long-awaited autobiography is a personal and bittersweet memoir of the man considered, by many, to be the most significant figure in Catholic moral theology in the second half of the 20th century. Hardcover Pages: 208 
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The Life and Thought of  St. Edith Stein, Freda Mary Oben, Ph D
3 Freda Mary Oben, Ph D The Life and Thought of St. Edith Stein

As a child and adult, Edith Stein made love of family, friends, and the whole human race a priority in her life. As a German during World War I, she wanted to serve and to heal which she did as a Red Cross nurse. As a woman she wanted to fight for women's rights which she did as a very young suffragette and leader of the Catholic Women's Movement in Europe. Her hunger was to learn, to understand truth and to philosophize. Her seminal work as philosopher and theologian wedded phenomenology to scholasticism and brought her wide acclaim as an innovative thinker. As a convert to Catholicism she wanted to be faithful to her Jewish heritage in imitation of Christ's passion, and to expiate for the human sins which caused the Shoah. And she did all three -- to the point of martyrdom. This is the story of her life and thought. 164 pp 
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The Autobiography of G.K. Chesterton, G. K. Chesterton
4 G. K. Chesterton The Autobiography of G.K. Chesterton
ip 1586170716 / 9781586170714 
Here is a special two-in-one book that is both by G.K. Chesterton and about Chesterton. This volume offers an irresistible opportunity to see who this remarkable man really was. Chesterton was one of the most stimulating and well-loved writers of the 20th century. His 100 books, and hundreds of essays and columns on a great variety of themes have made G.K. Chesterton the most widely quoted writers of modern times. Here is Chesterton in his own words, in a book he preferred not to write, but did so near the end of his life after much insistence by friends and admirers. Critic Sydney Dark wrote after Chesterton died that “perhaps the happiest thing that happened in Gilbert Chesterton's extraordinarily happy life was that his autobiography was finished a few weeks before his death. It is a stimulating, exciting, tremendously interesting book. It is a draught—indeed, several draughts one after the other—of human and literary champagne." Gilbert Keith Chesterton is one of the most prolific authors of modern times, having written some 100 books on many topics including philosophy, theology, poetry, literature, fiction and history. His best-selling works include Orthodoxy, The Everlasting Man, St. Thomas & St. Francis, The Man Who Was Thursday and Father Brown Stories. Wonderful for gift-giving or personal use. Length: 350 pages Edition: Paperback 
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Saint Gabriel Possenti,   Passionist, Gabriele Cingolani, C.P.
5 Gabriele Cingolani, C.P. Saint Gabriel Possenti, Passionist

Francis Possenti of Assisi, who became Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows as a Passionist, fell in love with a girl, as was normal for an 18-year-old boy. But he also fell in love with the ideal of spending all of his energies serving God and others. And this is how he remains forever remembered by history -- as a young man in love, dying while his love was still full of passion, song and poetry. He seized life and spent it with such impetuous commitment that, at the age of 24, it was entirely consumed. He had loved to death. Or to life, which is the same. The enthralling adventure of his life is retold here and illustrated with a 16-page color insert in a way that will appeal to anyone who ever fell in love.166 pp 
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Life of Padre Pio, The: Between the Altar and the Confessional, Gennaro Preziuso
6 Gennaro Preziuso Life of Padre Pio, The: Between the Altar and the Confessional

Over 300,000 devotees of Padre Pio from all over the world were present in Rome on May 2, 1999 when Pope John Paul II presided over his beatification. And these were only a small fraction of those who in one way or another have been touched by this extraordinary man. Padre Pio, Capuchin priest, stigmatist and "humble friar who prays" is one of the most fascinating figures of the twentieth century. Among the countless writings dedicated to telling his story each year, the present biography stands out for it thoroughness and the hitherto unknown information about him which it provides. For the most part it makes use of his own diary and the sworn testimony of those who lived with him and knew him best to reconstruct the details of his long and fruitful life which was literally spent "between the altar and the confessional." An Afterword includes the talk given by the pope the day after the beatification to the pilgrims who had come to Rome for this event . 242 pp. 
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Molokai: The Story of Father Damien, Hilde Eynikel
7 Hilde Eynikel Molokai: The Story of Father Damien

This is the true story of a Belgian priest -- young, healthy, and devout -- who almost single-handedly changed the lives and fates of the victims of Hansen's disease on Molokai in the 19th century and, indeed, of patients of leprosy throughout the world ever since. On June 4, 1995, he was beatified by Pope John Paul II who said of him that, in his life he "showed forth Christ's tenderness and mercy for every human being, revealing the beauty of that person's inner self which no illness, no deformity, no weakness can totally disfigure. He offered the lepers, who were condemned to a slow death [his very life]...; he became a leper among the lepers; he became a leper for the lepers. He suffered and died like them, believing that he would rise again in Christ, for Christ is Lord!" This new biography -- containing as yet undisclosed material -- is a dramatic and fascinating story of one individual's commitment to a life devoted to the needs of others. Those who read it and/or who see the movie which it inspired, will be moved by the selfless example set by Father Damien and, hopefully, want to imitate it. 324 pp. 
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American Saints:  Five Centuries of Heroic Sanctity on the American Continents, John F. Fink
8 John F. Fink American Saints: Five Centuries of Heroic Sanctity on the American Continents

It will come as a surprise to many, if not most, to learn that there are at least some 137 men and women who have lived in North or South America who have been beatified or canonized by the Roman Catholic Church. Sixty of them were canonized and 77 beatified. Most of these, 50 of them, came from Mexico and another 33 were from Brazil. The United States and Canada together can claim eight North American Martyrs. Individually Canada boasts another twelve saints or blesseds and the United States, nine. Seven were from Peru; three each were from Argentina and Chile; and one each from Guatemala, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Uruguay and Venezuela. All except eight of these were beatified or canonized within the last one hundred years or so. Of these, Pope John Paul II was responsible for the canonization of 28 and the beatification of 32 others. This little book is a fascinating, brief introduction into the lives and struggles of these saintly men and women.157 pp 
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The Young Augustine    Revised and Updated Edition, John J. O'Meara, Ph.D.
9 John J. O'Meara, Ph.D. The Young Augustine Revised and Updated Edition

When the first edition of this scholarly study of the Confessions of St. Augustine appeared several decades ago, it received an enthusiastic reception and heralded a new era in Augustinian studies. Since then its reputation has grown and it is now accepted as a standard work which no one seriously interested in Augustine can afford to leave unread. Augustine's formative years, up to his conversion, present a formidable task for a biographer: his was a complex personality blending strong sensual, spiritual and intellectual traits. He was most certainly a child of his era, an age so difficult to understand and appreciate. Professor O'Meara with his vast knowledge of the man and his times, has presented a readable and balanced portrait of Augustine as a young man. His work gives us a clearer understanding of one of the towering figures in the history of Christendom.222 pp. 
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Milestones, Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger
10 Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger Milestones
ip 0898707021 / 9780898707021 
Rich in humor and culture, as well as passion and love for the cause of God and of man, Milestones is the early autobiography of Pope Benedict XVI, Joseph Ratzinger. It tells the fascinating and inspiring story of his early family life, the years under Nazi oppression in Germany, and his part in World War II—including how as a teenager he was forced to join the Hitler Youth and the German army, from which he risked his life to flee. This book also recounts Joseph Ratzinger’s calling and ordination to the priesthood, the intellectual and spiritual formation he received, his early days as a parish priest, his role as an expert at the Second Vatican Council, his experience as a popular university professor and theologian, and his appointment as Archbishop of Munich-Freising in Germany. Joseph Ratzinger would go on to serve for over two decades as the Prefect of the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith under John Paul II, before being elected pope himself in 2005. Written before Benedict XVI became pope, Milestones remains a valuable road map to the man’s mind and heart. It dispels the media myths and legends, and it reveals the real Benedict XVI—a man of the Church who loves God and humanity, a scholar, a theologian, a teacher, and a humble pastor with deep compassion and profound spiritual insight. Illustrated. "Here is Cardinal Ratzinger at his most surprising. Who imagines him a teenager risking his life escaping a Nazi forced-labor camp? Or a doctoral candidate shattered by rejection of his dissertation? Or a priest telling of 'the sufferings necessary for the priestly ministry . . . those dark nights that alone can give full shape to the radical assent a priest must give'? Milestones, rich with theological insights as are all his works, gives us finally Ratzinger the person. He is a joy to meet." -Cardinal John O'Connor, Archbishop of New York "A very personal, compelling narrative of a life that continues to have inestimable influence in shaping the mission of the Catholic Church. A rare mix of candor and charity, this book is an opportunity to know personally one of the truly great figures of our time. It should not be missed." -Fr. Richard John Neuhaus, Editor, First Things "A masterpiece of simplicity and clarity! It tells of the events of a life of inner depth and spiritual passion in the service of the Divine Truth." -Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, Author, Loving the Church Joseph Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict XVI, was for over two decades The Prefect for the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith under Pope John Paul II. He is the author of Spirit of the Liturgy, Salt of the Earth, Introduction to Christianity, God and the World, Milestones, Called to Communion, God Is Near Us, and many other works published by Ignatius Press. Length: 156 pages Edition: Paperback 
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Fulton J. Sheen    An American Catholic Response to the Twentieth Century, Kathleen L. Riley, Ph.D.
11 Kathleen L. Riley, Ph.D. Fulton J. Sheen An American Catholic Response to the Twentieth Century

Thomistic philosopher and professor at the Catholic University of America, prolific writer, pioneer of the electronic gospel on radio and TV, convert-maker, head of the Society for the Propagation of the Faith and Bishop of Rochester in the aftermath of the Second Vatican Council, Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen lived in the religious spotlight for most of his life. His personal odyssey mirrored that of the Catholic Church in facing the challenges of the times: two world wars, national and international depression, fascism, nazism, communism, capitalism, the sexual revolution and the upheaval following the Council. An "American son born of our American heartland," as Bishop Daniel R. Jenky, CSC, called him, Sheen may one day enjoy the additional distinction of being the first American-born male saint. This thoroughly documented study of his life was the first in-depth analysis of the man and his times when it was penned as a doctoral dissertation in 1988. All subsequent works have built on its scholarly and balanced insights.357 pp 
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Jesus Appeals to the World:  From the Writings of Sr. Consolata Betrone, Lorenzo Sales, IMC
12 Lorenzo Sales, IMC Jesus Appeals to the World: From the Writings of Sr. Consolata Betrone

"The life of the Saints is a rule of life for others": with these words in Turin, in the Sanctuary of Our Lady Help of Christians, on February 8 1995, Archbishop Card. Giovanni Saldarini started the canonical process for five cases of beatification. One of these was the Poor Clare nun Sister Maria Consolata Betrone. The biographical outlines of the new Servant of God, born in Saluzzo (Cuneo) on April 6 1903 and dying on July 18 1946 in the Convent of the Sacred Heart of Moriondo Moncalieri (Turin) could have been briefly spent behind the rise and fall of a life which only lasted 43 years, of which 17 were in a strictly closed order. It could have been thus if, instead, God had not made an incandescent, eternally rich meteor of love out of her brief existence. Her life was an unceasing act of love expressed in her prayer: "Jesus, Mary, I love you. Save souls." This book tells the story of the message she was asked to bring to the world. Now in its 15th printing.194 pp. 
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Maria Valtorta's Autobiography, Maria Valtorta
13 Maria Valtorta Maria Valtorta's Autobiography
Written under obedience, Maria's Autobiography is a testimony to her heroic virtues, an important criterion when judging the authenticity of private revelations. 442 pages We only have five and they go really fast. 
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The Precious Pearl:  The Story of Saint Rita of Cascia, Michael Di Gregorio, OSA
14 Michael Di Gregorio, OSA The Precious Pearl: The Story of Saint Rita of Cascia

"Peacemaker," "Saint of the Impossible," the "Saint Who Asks Too Much" are just a few of the many adjectives used to describe one of the most popular saints of our times. With the canonization of Saint Rita in 1900, interest in and devotion to the "Precious Pearl of Umbria" spread rapidly not only in her native Italy, but throughout many nations. As a woman who had experienced the various states of life as wife and widow, mother and nun, St. Rita has much to say to women of every time and place. As a victim of violence and a witness to forgiveness, she offers powerful testimony to men and women alike. It is hoped that this little book will bring many to find in St. Rita's example a model whom they can emulate and an intercessor on whom they can count in their time of need.72 pp. 
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Memory for Wonders, Mother Veronica Namoyo Le Goulard
15 Mother Veronica Namoyo Le Goulard Memory for Wonders
ip 0898704308 / 9780898704303 
Here for the first time is a captivating autobiography of a French girl raised in the wild Moroccan frontier by her communist parents who fled France and vowed that "no one would speak to her of God and influence the development of her mind with oppressive superstition." Everything in her education, environment and training was targeted toward making her a perfect product of Marxist atheism. She sucked anti-Catholicism with her mother's milk. But God had other plans for Lucette. Emotionally neglected by her parents, Lucette became a "difficult child" leading a colorful life full of mischievous adventure all the while experiencing an unutterable loneliness. But the Hound of Heaven was gently pursuing her. At the age of three, upon witnessing the overwhelming beauty of a sunset after a violent sirocco sand storm, she gained the unshakable certainty that this beauty was created, and that there was a God. She began to pray. That was the first link in a chain of remarkable events that grace alone could forge, which led her to embrace the faith and become a Poor Clare nun in Algiers. Disowned by her parents, she put all her trust in Him for whom all things are possible. Her faith was rewarded with a dramatic answer to the prayers of her heart. Lucette, now Mother Veronica Namoyo, is an Abbess and foundress of two flourishing monasteries in Africa. "This compelling book is bound to touch many souls, and is an eloquent testimony that grace, love, prayer and sacrifice can conquer the world, because they can conquer man's rebellious heart." — Alice von Hildebrand, Author, By Love Refined Length: 189 pages Edition: Paperback 
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Pope John XXIII:   Model and Mentor for Leaders, Rev. Bob (Bernard R.) Bonnot, Ph.D.
16 Rev. Bob (Bernard R.) Bonnot, Ph.D. Pope John XXIII: Model and Mentor for Leaders

Lots of management manuals have been written with illustrations drawn from the examples of various managers, and lots of monographs have been published profiling individual leaders, but such books rarely provide both a practical manual one can use while profiling a model one can follow. This volume is unique in that it does both. In the process, John XXIII becomes a spiritual as well as a down-to-earth guide for managers from pastors to presidents. This book reviews the words and works of Angelo Roncalli during the period when he faced the greatest challenge of his life when, at age 77, he assumed the daunting task of leading the Roman Catholic Church into a whole new way of relating to itself and the world at large. Setting a tone, establishing a purpose, outlining a program, having a strategy, selecting a team, keeping on message, using the media, rationing the time available and deliberately pursuing the goals established are just a few of the many managerial skills studied here that set "good Pope John XXIII" apart from others and made him such a consummate model, mentor and patron saint for managers. 307 pp. 
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Nameday Book, The:   A Book of Saints, Names, Anniversaries and Celebrations, Sister Theodora of the Trinity, Hermit
17 Sister Theodora of the Trinity, Hermit Nameday Book, The: A Book of Saints, Names, Anniversaries and Celebrations

The main function of The Nameday Book is the recording of anniversaries. To this end, it has the usual format of a birthday book, with several days to a page and a few lines under each feast for entering names of friends celebrating namedays, birthdays or other anniversaries on that day. A space is provided at the end of each month for recording the addresses of those celebrating anniversaires in that month. The Nameday Book also offers mini-biographies of almost 500 Saints, tells us the name and feast day of our personal patron, advises which Saints are patrons of places, arts, skills or trades, and includes more than 300 male and female name derivatives for those whose names are not immediately identifiable as Saints' names. The Nameday Book can also be used as a Liturgical Calendar. In researching this book, an attempt was made to select Saints whose names might be useful as Baptismal or Confirmation names in the new millennium. 156 pp. 
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The Autobiography of St. Anthony Mary Claret, St. Anthony Mary Claret
18 St. Anthony Mary Claret The Autobiography of St. Anthony Mary Claret

The Autobiography of St. Anthony Mary Claret. Bares the soul of a saint and reveals the methods which were so successful for him in converting others. From age 5 he was haunted by the thought of the souls about to fall into Hell. This insight fueled his powerful drive to save as many souls as he could. 248 pgs 
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Saint Thérèse of Lisieux:   Doctor of the Universal Church, Steven Payne, OCD
19 Steven Payne, OCD Saint Thérèse of Lisieux: Doctor of the Universal Church

On World Mission Sunday, October 19, 1997, Pope John Paul II declared St. Thérèse of Lisieux a "Doctor of the Universal Church." This event marked not only the culmination of an unprecedented series of honors bestowed on "the greatest saint of modern times," as St. Pius X called her, but it also represented a watershed in the evolution of the understanding of this ecclesiastical title bestowed on only 33 saints in the history of the Church. Certainly, at the time of her death in 1897, no one would have guessed that this 24-year-old Carmelite nun, with such a limited education and imperfect literary style, who never wrote a treatise or published an article and who died virtually unknown in an obscure French Carmel, would one day come to be ranked alongside such eminent personalities as St. Augustine and St. Thomas Aquinas, as a doctor ecclesiae. Her selection did not come about in a vacuum, nor did it happen easily. The story behind the title and her reception of it as documented in these pages makes for truly fascinating and thought-provoking reading.240 pp. 
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