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1 John Paul II & St. Thomas Aquinas
ip 1932589287 / 9781932589283 
246 pages Hardcover 
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Our Task
2 Our Task
ip Hans Urs von Balthas 
This book describes the common task which Balthasar and Adrienne von Speyr undertook, the founding of a secular institute: The Community of St. John. He also describes their common theological work and explains the theology and role of secular institutes. Length: 220 pages Edition: Paperback 
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Authenticity, A Biblical Theology of Discernment
3 A Biblical Theology of Discernment Authenticity
089870619X / 9780898706192 
Most people assume that the way to mend divisions and factions in our world - marriages, parishes, dioceses, religious orders - is to engage in civil discussions, attend local, regional or national meetings, draw up committee reports and recommendations. To a point this may help, but sad experience makes clear that these approaches alone never heal the polarization problems which plague our civil and ecclesial life. The Biblical therapy is radically different - and it achieves results. This book explores the divine strategy in detail. Research discovers in Scripture 40 or 50 themes that bear on discovering truth and recognizing that it has been solidly found. We learn how we discern whether we are being led by the Holy Spirit or by our own unredeemed inclinations and desires, whether it is the spirit of God or the prince of darkness that is operating in our disagreements and programs. We find in these themes clear responses to key questions: • Why are there divisions and factions in the Church? • How are these polarizations to be healed? • What are the sure signs that some people have truth, while others are in error? • What are the conditions for finding and maintaining a shared vision in marriage, parishes, dioceses, religious orders, the universal Church? Fr. Thomas Dubay is the author of the best-seller Fire Within. Length: 279 pages Edition: Paperback 
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4 Aidan Nichols, O.P. Hopkins: Theologian's Poet
ip 1932589295 / 9781932589290 
The eminent theologian Aidan Nichols plunges into the depths of the great nineteenth-century Jesuit poet Gerard Manley Hopkins. Nichols's profound insights into the theological meanings of Hopkins's poems exhibit the truth of beauty and the beauty of truth.Length: 226 pages Edition: Paperback 
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The Soul of a Lion, Alice von Hildebrand
5 Alice von Hildebrand The Soul of a Lion
ip 089870801X / 9780898708011 The Life of Dietrich von Hildebrand
Dietrich von Hildebrand, widely regarded as one of the great Catholic philosophers of the 20th century, is well-known for his numerous books, but, until this present work, not much has been known of his remarkable and inspiring life. Written by his wife, Alice, also a highly respected Catholic thinker, this is a fascinating, moving and, at times, gripping account of a truly great man of the Church who suffered much for the faith. Based on a very long "letter" Dietrich wrote to his wife late in his life, it tells his story from his glorious youth with a unique intellectual and cultural formation, his coversion to Catholisism, his great passion for truth and beauty, his extensive writing on Christian philosophy and theology, and his steadfast, determined opposition to Nazism that made him a marked man who miraculously escaped execution. A powerful biography of a relentless fighter against injustice, a devoted son of the Church, a man who had the "soul of a lion". Illustrated. "A man whose life and work have left an indelible mark on the history of the Church in the 20th century. Alice von Hildebrand has done a great service in giving us this fascinating portrait of his extraordinary and inspiring life." —Cardinal Joseph RatzingerLength: 322 pages Edition: Paperback 
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The Hidden Enemies of the Priesthood: The Contributions of St. Thomas Aquinas, Basil Cole, OP
6 Basil Cole, OP The Hidden Enemies of the Priesthood: The Contributions of St. Thomas Aquinas

Anger, Envy, Lust, Pride, Gluttony, Sloth and Covetousness are the seven capital or deadly sins. They -- along with vainglory, ambition, avarice, and an over-reliance on one's own intellect to the detriment of growth in faith -- are among the hidden enemies of the priesthood. Ignorance of them and the subtle ways in which they can eat away at the moral fiber of priests can prove disastrous for the individuals and for the Church they have vowed to serve. St. Thomas Aquinas along with Scripture, the Catechism of the Catholic Church and the Code of Canon Law provide invaluable insights into how to recognize and confront these vices when they raise their ugly heads. This study is meant to help priests and seminarians reckon with them in a healthy and faith-filled way so that they will not be taken aback by the trials these hidden enemies bring about. 234 pp. 
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7 Benedict Ashley, O.P. The Ashley Reader: Redeeming Reason
ip 1932589260 / 9781932589269 
Length: 466 pages Edition: Paperback 
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8 Benedict Ashley, O.P. The Ashley Reader: Redeeming Reason
ip 1932589260 / 9781932589269 
Length: 466 pages Edition: Paperback 
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With a Listening Heart:   Biblical and Spiritual Reflections on the Psalms, Bertrand A. Buby, S.M.
9 Bertrand A. Buby, S.M. With a Listening Heart: Biblical and Spiritual Reflections on the Psalms

How does a person approach the Book of Psalms, this compilation of ancient poetic writings whose beauty and meaning are often obscured by the language, culture and time in which they were written? Exegetes and scholars have done much of the work for us and we find their conclusions set forth in this remarkably brief and highly readable book whose very title sums up the approach that we must take: The psalms must be read and prayed 'with a listening heart,' lev shome's in Hebrew. 'Oh, that today you would listen to his voice,' we read in Psalm 95:7, 'harden not your heart.' An open heart and an attentive ear are required if we are to enter into the spirit and meaning of these great prayers of the Hebrew and Christian faith. The author has painstakingly taken each of the 150 psalms in order and succinctly pointed out what we would do well to look for if we are to cull the maximum benefit from them. In addition, he indicates what he has derived from his own prayerful reflection on the text. With this work in one hand and the psalms in the other, the reader will reap the abundant rewards reserved for those who have a listening heart. 234 pp. 
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I Am the Beginning and the End, Brother John of Taize
10 Brother John of Taize I Am the Beginning and the End

Reflecting on the first four chapters of Genesis and the last section of the Book of Revelation, the author discerns in them something of the profound meaning behind the creation of the universe (cosmology) and our place in it (anthropology) in the light of faith in God (theology). Who of us, for example, has not wondered at one time or another about the beginning and the end of the world and human history? How can we reconcile the data of empirical science and the insights present in Sacred Scripture? In trying to make sense of the world and all that is in it, it should not suprise us that the Bible regards each and every aspect of creation as a reflection of the unfathomable Mystery that gives meaning and consistence to all that exists. These texts allow us to discover, at the heart of all that exists, an inexhaustible Wellspring of energy and a Focus of unity, offering fulfillment in a life shared by all. The present work is based on the Bible reflections given in Taize as part of the international young adult meeting that take place there.167 pp 
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The Case for Clerical Celibacy, Cardinal A. Stickler
11 Cardinal A. Stickler The Case for Clerical Celibacy
ip 0898705339 / 9780898705331 Its Historical Development and Theological Foundat
In order to arrive at a correct understanding of the much discussed topic of clerical celibacy, this book clarifies the pertinent facts and the discipline found within the Church from its beginnings until the present time, and explores the theological reasons for celibacy. Cardinal Stickler begins with a discussion of the relevant sources and current scholarship to support his conclusions. To understand the historical development of celibacy in the Western and Eastern Churches, this study begins with an analysis of the actual concept of clerical celibacy, providing an outline of the method which a proper treatment of this argument demands, as well as the theological presuppositions and foundations of celibacy. Cardinal Alfons Maria Stickler is a member of numerous international academic organizations. He has been a consultor to many Congregations of the Roman Curia, was a member of the preparatory commission for the Second Vatican Council. "A wealth of information on the history of celibacy for the clergy of the Catholic Church-in the East and the West. Particularly impressive are his arguments showing that celibacy is necessarily connected to the priesthood of Jesus Christ. It is refreshing to find a book on celibacy that is rooted in Scripture, the Fathers of the Church and the Magisterium." -Fr. Kenneth Baker, S.J., Editor, Homiletic & Pastoral Review Length: 106 pages Edition: Paperback 
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Theology of the Church, Cardinal Charles Journet
12 Cardinal Charles Journet Theology of the Church
ip 0898708885 / 9780898708882 
Theology of the Church was first published over forty years ago. Now more relevant than ever, the republishing of this classic has been greeted with joy by a great number of Christians. The work is a shorter version of the basic and beautiful book by the same author, the two volume The Church of the Incarnate Word. From this theological work, Cardinal Journet has extracted a shorter and more popular version intended for a wider reading audience. Readers will welcome the brilliant, intellectually rigorous, but highly spiritual thought which shines throughout the Cardinal’s writing. And today, when clergy and laymen are more careful than ever to aquire or deepen their theological knowledge, the contribution of Cardinal Journet to ecclesiology needs to be available again. This edition includes two chapters written shortly after the Second Vatican Council. This addition both complements and gives added depth to the original text, providing the reader with a fresh outook on the learning of the author, whose love of the Church is evident in every sentence. St. Augustine’s “gaudium et veritate”, the joy of seaching for, and bringing forth, the Truth, was certainly the cause for which Cardinal Journet strove. Cardinal Charles Journet was born in 1891. A native of Switzerland, he rose to become a well-known and highly respected theologian. In 1965 he was elevated to Cardinal. When he passed away at the age of 84, he left a collection of theological works that are rightly considered classics. Length: 505 pages Edition: Hardcover 
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An Introduction To Philosophy, Daniel Sullivan
13 Daniel Sullivan An Introduction To Philosophy

An Introduction To Philosophy. A college textbook that cuts down on technical vocabulary as much as possible, yet conveys the full meaning of the basic philosophical questions. Covers essence and existence, rights and duties, human knowledge, happiness, the problem of change, God, etc. By far the best intro we have seen. Everything is covered from the Thomistic, realist viewpoint. Great! 
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A Practical Guide for Imparting the Faith:  Comprehensive Catechesis, David J. Wilson
14 David J. Wilson A Practical Guide for Imparting the Faith: Comprehensive Catechesis

Those involved in catechetical and parish ministry will find the model set forth in these pages one that will enable them to better impart the faith and make it come alive in the hearts and lives of those with whom they share it. The goal of this book is to offer practical advice to those in parish ministry so that, by following the steps set forth in this process -- from laying the foundation to putting the faith into practice by serving others -- students will more easily assimilate and apply what is being taught to their various life situations. Each of its twelve chapters opens with a verse from Scripture that relates to the chapter's topic and purpose. Drawing heavily on the Church's documents and the teachings of the bishops following the Second Vatican Council, the book takes a theological concept and applies it to practical experience. Faith is a gift of God; nurturing it is our gift to Him. This book shows us how we can do that most effectively.126 pp. 
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Hans Urs Von Balthasar, David L. Schindler (ed.)
15 David L. Schindler (ed.) Hans Urs Von Balthasar
ip 0898703786 / 9780898703788 
This collection of essays, gathered under the auspices of Communio editors, represents the most wide-ranging study of the life and work of Balthasar. The twenty contributors include highly respected theologians, philosophers and bishops from around the world such as Henri Cardinal de Lubac, S.J., Walter Kasper, Louis Dupre, Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger (now Pope Benedict XVI), and Pope John Paul II. “…meeting Balthasar was for me the beginning of a lifelong friendship I can only be thankful for. Never again have I found anyone with such a comprehensive theological and humanistic education as Balthasar and de Lubac, and I cannot even begin to say how much I owe to my encounter with them.” — Joseph Ratzinger (Pope Benedict XVI) Length: 288 pages Edition: Paperback 
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The Origin and Development of the   Eucharist: East and West, Deacon Andrew J. Gerakas, D.Min
16 Deacon Andrew J. Gerakas, D.Min The Origin and Development of the Eucharist: East and West

The Eucharist is Christ's gift to his followers to sustain them as they journey to their eternal home. It is the source and summit of the Church's life and mission. As a sacrament, it is a visible sign of Christ's abiding presence -- body, blood, soul and divinity -- in our midst under the appearance of bread and wine. What does this mean? How can Christians of the East and West receive the Lord worthily? What must we bring to the altar? The biblical background and history of the Eucharist in the Orthodox and Roman Catholic Churches, and a comparison of current practices, will be found here along with chapters on our joint Jewish and Greek heritage. Also reviewed are some of the doctrinal and organizational differences that continue to inhibt a return to intercommunion, the ultimate goal of both Churches in their desire to fulfill the Lord's prayer "that all may be one." Members of both communions will find much here to contemplate and consider. 
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The Church and the Bible:    Official Documents of the Catholic Church, Dennis J. Murphy, M.S.C
17 Dennis J. Murphy, M.S.C The Church and the Bible: Official Documents of the Catholic Church

The Church and the Bible is a resource book that all branches of theology will find useful: not only Biblical scholars, but those interested in the dogmatic, moral, liturgical, pastoral and spiritual teachings of the Church. Typical examples are the Pontifical Biblical Commission's studies on Christology, the Church, interpretation of the Bible, and the Jewish people and their Sacred Scriptures in the Christian Bible, all made available here in one volume in English. These and other documents, are indispensable resources for students of current theology, as well as for those interested in history. A long introduction gives the historical context of the documents as well as the norms to be used in interpreting them. Care is also taken to explain their various levels of authority in order to avoid the danger that the same value be given to all of them indiscriminately. 1048 pp 
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18 Dr. Christine A. Mugridge, SOLT & Sr. Marie Gannon, FMA John Paul ll's Development of a Theology of Communication

How do we bring Christ into all our interpersonal communications to elevate those and use them as a means of evangelization and sanctification? John Paul II's "theology of communication" answers this compelling question and more. It is a must for theologians, professional communicators, educators, those working in pastoral formation, counseling, as well as those in ministry and apostolic work. It is also an ideal textbook for hose aiming at a career in media or pastoral communications. This book indicates the great interest in social communications that the Vatican is taking in light of the advances made by John Paul II. This groundbreaking volume is published by Libreria Editrice Vaticana. 296 pages 6.5 x 9.5 softcover 
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Mary, Co-redemptrix, Mediatrix & Advocate: Theological Foundations I, Dr. Mark Miravalle
19 Dr. Mark Miravalle Mary, Co-redemptrix, Mediatrix & Advocate: Theological Foundations I

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Mary, Co-redemptrix, Mediatrix, Advocate: Theological Foundations II, Dr. Mark Miravalle
20 Dr. Mark Miravalle Mary, Co-redemptrix, Mediatrix, Advocate: Theological Foundations II

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