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Purgatory, Fr. F.X. Schouppe, S.J.
1 Fr. F.X. Schouppe, S.J. Purgatory

It is a fact of divine revelation athta the soul of every person who dies in the state of grace, but without having made sufficient expiation on earth for his forgiven sins, will undergo the punishment and purification of Purgatory before entering Heaven. In this fascinating book, Father Schouppe presents the ancient Catholic tradition on Purgatory, explaining how its pains are excruciating-greater than any suffering known on earth, how they can vary in duration from less than one minute to a period of several centuries, and how they manifest the infinite mercy of God no less than His justice. On many occasions God has allowed souls in Purgatory to appear on earth to plead for prayers, sacrifices, and Masses for their relief; in Purgatory Explained the reader will find scores of true stories of apparitions and revelations on Purgatory taken from the lives of St. Margaret Mary, St Teresa of Avila, St. Bridget of Sweden, St Gertrude the Great, St. Francis de Sales, St. Catherine of Genoa, St magdalen de Pazzi, St. Lidwina of Schiedam, St Margaret of Cortona, St. Thomas Aquinas, and the Cure of ARs. The amazing revelations all emphasize the wonderful relief which the souls in Purgatroy receive from prayers, penance, alms giving, and especially from the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass offered for them. Moreover, these stories describe the measureless gratitude of the souls in Purgatory, and the priceless benefits which they obtain for their benefactors in return. 427 pages 
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Hungry Souls: Supernatural Visits, Messages, and Warnings from Purgatory, Gerard J.M. van den Aardweg
2 Gerard J.M. van den Aardweg Hungry Souls: Supernatural Visits, Messages, and Warnings from Purgatory

under construction 
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Purgatory and Heaven, J.P. Arendzen, D.D.
3 J.P. Arendzen, D.D. Purgatory and Heaven

What exactly are the joy and happiness of Heaven for the blessed, and what really is the nature of the punishment and sorrow of Purgatory for the Poor souls? Fr. Arendzen explains in brief for the perennial Catholic teaching about the state of those in Purgatory and in Heaven. Destined to make us strive to avoid Purgatory by showing its pains and to aspire to the lofty goal of Heaven by teaching about its fruits. 96 pages. 
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Biblical Basis for Purgatory, John Salza
4 John Salza Biblical Basis for Purgatory

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The Biblical Basis for Purgatory, John Salza
5 John Salza The Biblical Basis for Purgatory

The Biblical Basis for Purgatory. Jesus taught us about it, and for centuries the Church has faithfully defined and defended it. Protestants deny it even exists, while many Catholics fundamentally misunderstand it. It is Purgatory: that place of purifying penance where souls saved by Christ are made perfect and acceptable to spend life eternal in heaven. In The Biblical Basis for Purgatory, author and apologist John Salza (Why Catholics Cannot Be Masons) offers the definitive scriptural explanation of this distinctively Catholic doctrine. Building on the teachings of Christ and St. Paul, he shows how the existence of a place of temporal punishment after death is not only a logical extension of what we know about the reality of sin and God's justice, but is also a supreme expression of God's love and mercy. Although Purgatory is a place of mercy, its pains are real, and they are severe. This book does more than defend and explain Purgatory it provides a solid plan, drawn from the Church s perennial wisdom for conquering our sins by God s grace, while still on earth. 
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Charity for the Suffering Souls, Rev John A Nageleisen
6 Rev John A Nageleisen Charity for the Suffering Souls
An Explanation of the Catholic Doctrine of Purgato
Charity for the Suffering Souls is not only a complete explanation of the Catholic doctrine of Purgatory, but it is also a devotional and inspirational book conceived to instill in its readers a lasting and powerful devotion to the Poor Souls in Purgatory. This is a profound, provocative and well rounded study which treats of the sufferings, consolations and duration of Purgatory, plus the numerous ways in which we can assist the Poor Souls in their affliction. It also discusses their gratitude toward their benefactors, and God's reward to us for helping them. This book overflows with holy stories about Purgatory and the poor souls and is filled with efficacious devotions for their relief. Purgatory is one of the Church's most compelling and consoling doctrines-one that always captures the imagination of the Faithful-and Charity for the Suffering Souls is a popularly written treatise that will enliven the spirit of its readers and will enflame in them a powerful fervor to help those in Purgatory, as well as to amend their own lives in anticipation of Final Judgment. 375 pages. 
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7 S.A. Foglein Heaven, Hell, Purgatory
What d we know about our Future?
Do Heaven, Hell, Purgatory, still exist? Or were those just superstitions of the Dark Middle Ages--as some arrogant atheists claim? Modernists say: God cannot be as cruel to send anyone to Hell. Are they right? What should we believe about near death experiences and Reincarnation? When was the last time you heard about those eternal realities? Although modern men like to relegate Hell to the waste basket of history, hell is frighteningly real! Throughout modern men like to relegate Hell to the waste basket of history, Hell is frighteningly real! Throughout its 2000 year history, the Church has collected and documented thousands of cases about the existence of Heaven and Hell. We can say we have more proof about HEAVEN, HELL AND PURGATORY , than science has about the material universe! Regardless of whether you believe in them or not, one of them will be your inheritance for eternity. The author cites many ancient as well as contemporary examples. In the last chapter the author presents a sketch in the theology of cosmos, which is in perfect harmony with scientific observations and our religion. 160 pages 
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Fire of Love, Saint Catherine of Genoa
8 Saint Catherine of Genoa Fire of Love
Understanding Purgatory
The truth about Purgatory...revealed more than 500 years ago to canonized saint! Here is the sensible view of Purgatory, tainted by neither childish superstition nor modern skepticism. From these holy pages by St Catherine of Genoa, you'll learn: Why it's sensible to believe in the existence of Purgatory. Why Purgatory is both a sorrowful and a joyful place for a soul to be. How the purifying fires of Purgatory reflect God's love. How St. Catherine's vision of Purgatory can help you face the sorrows in your life with greater faith and courage. Five hundred years ago, Fire of Love! transformed the world's view of Purgatory, revealing these purifying fires to be the glow of God's Love. Now is the time to let these pages transform your own view of Purgatory, and to discover in them a sweet manifestation of the unfathomable depths of God's Love. 91 pages. 
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The Amazing Secret Of Souls In Purgatory, Sister Emmanuel of Medjugorje
9 Sister Emmanuel of Medjugorje The Amazing Secret Of Souls In Purgatory
f An Unbelievable True Account of Purgatory-Told by
It is not often that a book touches the soul so deeply. The Amazing Secret of the Souls in Purgatory is soch a book. Marian Simma, now in her eighties, lives humbly in the mountains of Austria. When she was twenty-five, Maria was graced with a very special charism - the charism of being visited by the many souls in Purgatory-and being able to communicate with them! In her own words, maria shares with us some amazing secrets about the souls in Purgatory. She answers questions such as: What is Purgatory? How do souls get there? Who decides if a soul goes to Purgatory? How can we help get a soul released from Purgatory? Are there religions which are bad for the soul? Are there children in Purgatory? How can I avoid Purgatory? This is a remarkable interview on after-death realities, a true revelation for those who have lost a dear one! 58 pages. Highly recommended by Maranatha. Incredible little booklet. 
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