Sez Who? (Leader's Guide)

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Sez Who? Why Church authority established by Jesus is so important today. We live in a time marked by a crisis in authority that has been seen in scandals in every spectrum of society: the family, government, business, and even the Church. As a result, people are often highly suspicious of authority and many Catholics struggle to place themselves with trust under the authority of the Church. In Sez Who? we learn that God promised to be with us always and established the authority of the Church so that we can know him, and live in happiness and peace now and in eternity. The infallibility of the Church relies entirely upon God’s own holiness and integrity, not on the holiness and personal integrity of the Church’s members. Therefore, it can always be trusted. With Sez Who? In this edition of the Catholic Faith Explorers series, participants learn with the Leader's Guide: * about the Christian concept of authority and truth * why Jesus established the authority of the Church and guides her by the Holy Spirit * how Church doctrines are not intended to constrict or burden us, rather help us to know and live the truth according to God’s will * when and how the Church speaks infallibly, and * how lay people are called to be informed and mindful, not mindless regarding Church teachings.

Title: Sez Who? (Leader's Guide)

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Inscription: Sez Who? Why Church authority established by Jesus

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